Thursday, January 31, 2013


As expected, the truth about healthcare is coming out little by little.  I guess Nancy Pelosi was wrong – we really should have read the whole bill before letting it pass.

This article shows just one of the problems with trying to include everyone in something as comprehensive as healthcare.  There will be more issues that come up and some will be even more egregious than this one.  But the press and others will still tout "Obamacare" as a wonderful benefit to the American people.

My opinion is that we are probably stuck with this mess so we better find a way to fix the problems it creates.  Of course, that means we will have to fix the problems those fixes create so the cycle will continue. 

I grieve and fear for my children and grandchildren.  They will have to put up with the challenges of this law for a much longer time than I will.  The only hope is that some sane people will say – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!

Or maybe there will be one brilliant person who can find a way to make healthcare really affordable (pun intended).  Until that time, I guess we have to muddle through with what we have.  Here’s hoping we can live with the “death panels” and other cool things.

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