Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Since we seldom have a night out together, my sweet wife and I decided to take in the new version of Les Miserables last weekend.  We have seen the Broadway version and were aware of some of the differences in the production of this cinematic style of the musical.

The Little Cosette

Without reservation, we both were enthralled with the story and images produced by this presentation.  As we considered why we liked it so much (even more than the Broadway play) we realized it was because of the emotion so evident in the performers.

Anne Hathaway looking her
worst for the part of Fantine.
And who knew she could sing?

When Fantine is shown weeping for the loss of her little girl and the massive changes that have come to her life, it was as though we were there, grieving with her in her misery.

Hugh Jackman who sings better
than I had expected.  Not great
but better.

As Jean Valjean cries out with the love he has for Cosette, you can see and hear the anguish in his soul for the loss he is about to suffer.

Marius is amazing in his depth of emotion.  A completely
unknown actor for this part.

And when Marius is in the café, pining for the friendship of his fellows, what can one do but weep for his aloneness.

Russell Crowe was the weakest singer
of all the parts but his character portrayal was

Yes, there were flaws – particularly with the character of Javert – but those weaknesses did not affect the moving images of this wonderful story of redemption.  For, after all, that IS the message (despite the silly ending) of Victor Hugo’s masterpiece.

Man can be redeemed.  A man who is shown mercy can overcome his natural tendencies and become a merciful man.  Jean Valjean is a flawed human and had many injustices in his life that left him bitter.  But the kindness of the Priest opened his heart to the redeeming love of God and helped him become a different man.

Sadly, Javert, the one who professed deep and abiding belief in God, refused to let others (including himself) change and in the end he was not able to bear the disappointment of his state.

Redemption is the true gift of God, through His Son.  Hugo may not have known that because of religion but he knew it in his heart and taught the message in his writings.

I commend this story to all who wish to feel the power of change as given by the God of Heaven.  The movie has its difficult moments and should be watched with care but is still uplifting.

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Melissa DeMoux said...

It was really good...except for the butterfly in the garden scene with Marius and Cosette, seriously, a butterfly all over the middle of the night...stupid. Also I hated Javert. He was completely flat for me, otherwise really loved it. I loved the focus on faces so you could really see their emotions. Fontine, in particular, was incredible with that, but they all did a great job...except Russell Crowe (thumbs down, but thanks for trying).