Monday, March 17, 2014


I have been AWOL for more than a week.
There’s a good excuse. 
At least I think it is good.
My body has rebelled against me again.  Instead of fighting off the bacteria and germs inflicted upon it, my mortal frame has accepted and assimilated the denizens of evil that are in the air.  The result was sickness – sickness so dastardly and despicable that I had no recourse but to stop whatever work or play I had anticipated and lay in bed.
It has been miserable and unfair (at least to me).
I made a visit to the local healer and his concoctions seem to be working.
DEATH TO ALL BACTERIA (at least the evil, sick-making kind).
Never again will I speak the words “I haven’t been sick for more than a year” when there might be nasty bacterial menaces in the region. 

Lesson learned.

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