Wednesday, March 5, 2014


One of my goals, as I approached adulthood (still working on that), was to become a millionaire.

The first plan was to learn how to manage a business and grow it so my family could live off the profits.

My experiences in college shed light that let that dream pass away (not really a slow death either).  Oh, there was still a desire to have money but the work necessary seemed counter-productive to other goals.

Then children came along and, despite the haughty pride that said it would be easy to ‘raise up’ seed, I found additional great ideas that had to be excised from my to-do list.  Some took longer than others, but kids have a way of showing us the light.

It’s not that the things I wanted to do were bad – but when compared with the long-term needs of my ‘real’ goals, they just didn't make sense.

I suppose that’s what we call perspective. 

The most important parts of life have a way of becoming higher, clearer, and sweeter priorities.

Perspective – the ability to look at things from more than the ‘now’ – to see more than is immediately apparent.

I will try to keep IT as I begin the next phase of my life.

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