Monday, November 19, 2012


Yesterday in church, there was a family in front of us with two little children.  They were adorable and very rambunctious – mom was having a hard time controlling them.  We try to help but sometimes they don’t want to let us (kids and moms).

The little boy was about three-years old and had come dressed in normal church attire but over time had adjusted his wardrobe to meet some new, three-year-old, criteria.  It was so cute that I secretly took a photo of his efforts at originality (I have deleted his face for privacy purposes).  Hope you enjoy – (that tie method is very inviting and looks more comfortable than how I wear them).
I especially like the multi-color arrangement of beads that adorn his neck.

Friday, November 16, 2012


Some weeks ago I was complaining about my feet and how hard it is to find comfortable shoes.  A friend suggested a solution so I blogged about it and thought I might give them a try.

These are the ones I ordered for a trial run—

Sanita Burgundy Clogs from Zappo's

I think they looked fine but after wearing them for ONE day I determined that this pair (not to say others won’t be) isn't for me.  The real problem is that the left shoe/clog was smaller than the right.

Some might wonder if my feet are different sized but I don’t think so.  I have never had a that problem.  IT HAS TO BE THE SHOES!!!!

Since I tried these from Zappo’s, I could send them back with no problem but now I need to decide how I’m going to move to the next trial.  More later!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012



I am no fan of the Obama/Liberal Administration and the way they are destroying many of the liberties of our country, but I wonder if people aren't just “knee-jerking” themselves into more problems.

This article is just one of many that sets out how some people want to solve the problems of government gone badly.  In essence, they are saying –

“Let’s take our toys and go home so we can make our own rules.”

While that might sound enticing, especially considering the events of the last few years, may I offer a look at what the results will be?  I’m pretty sure most people who read my blog will not be surprised when I refer them to something from the scriptures.  Take a look at 3rd Nephi chapter 7 verses 2-4:

And the people were divided one against another; and they did separate one from another into tribes, every man according to his family and his kindred and friends; and thus they did destroy the government of the land.  And every tribe did appoint a chief or a leader over them; and thus they became tribes and leaders of tribes.  Now behold, there was no man among them save he had much family and many kindreds and friends; therefore their tribes became exceedingly great.

So far, so good for the people of that day.  But consider the end result of all they did:

And the regulations of the government were destroyed, because of the secret combination of the friends and kindreds of those who murdered the prophets (OK, this part we don’t seem to have in abundance, but keep reading)…Nevertheless they had come to an agreement that they would not go to war one with another…insomuch that in some degree they had peace in the land; nevertheless, their hearts were turned from the lord their God, and they did stone the prophets and did cast them out from among them (3 Nephi 7:6, 14).

While all the details today are not exactly the same, the course of events is parallel with the experiences of the Nephites/Lamanites just a few years before the coming of the Savior.  And many of our modern prophets have taught us that one purpose of the Book of Mormon is to prepare us for the 2nd Coming of Christ by showing events that will happen in our day.

So, while abandoning a government that is riddled with wickedness may be inviting, I believe we will lose much more than we gain if states continue on this road to secession.

What we really need to do is become the UNITED States of America and stop all the baloney that is separating us from one another.

But I’m just one goofy guy with a keyboard and nobody is really listening.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Sometimes we have folks come from colleges in the state to tell us how our students can improve their chances for acceptance in their university.  Last week a young lady from BYU visited with our kids and was very helpful in encouraging them to pursue their further education.

There are sometimes perks for us when these folks come.  We don’t usually request benefits but once-in-a-while they ask for suggestions of what we might like.  Our principal gave them some worthy items that would be appreciated and the following is the result.

What you can’t see is the key lanyard that hangs around my neck.  Now I’m decked out and ready to cheer for my Alma mater.  Maybe you can get some good stuff from your school!!

Friday, November 9, 2012


This may not be significant to anyone else, but today I passed the 5000 views mark for my little blog.  Whoever you are that follow my ranting, thank you for being consistent and getting me to this milestone.

With my other writing for Deseret Connect, I have had nearly 200k views but it still makes me feel good to know that there are a few people out there who enjoy what I write enough to come back and partake.

I just checked and my first blog entry was October 2008 so reaching 10,000 views will probably happen in another four years.  Happy reading to all who participate and come back as often as you like.  Maybe it will start to make sense as I grow older ---- but probably it will get more meandering as I lose my sanity.  Anyways, thanks.
My GGrandma Whitmer lost most of her mind (she scared me when I was a little boy) before she passed away.
 My chances are pretty good for the same experiences.  Yippee!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


An associate shared an email he received the other day from a distraught friend.  This friend is a medical man who has also served in the military and has studied many of the modern prophets’ words concerning the evolution and divinity of the United States.  Many have prophesied that this nation will stand as a beacon of truth to the world when the end seems to be upon us and will stand for righteousness when the world appears headed for destruction.

But the circumstances of our most recent election fly in the face of many of those teachings.  How can The United States of America lead righteously when it seems that the decision makers govern from a position defiant to the laws and teachings of God (think of abortion, gay marriage, drug legalization, etc.)? 

Asked for advice on what to share with his friend, I responded in the best voice I could muster (considering my own despondency with the results of this election).  These were my suggestions:

First, I believe in a God who will protect and preserve those who are seeking to put forth the truths of eternity.  There will be hard days and difficult decisions disguised by unfathomable deceits, but there will always be answers that will be based in the Faith we have in Christ.

Second, I already know who is going to win this battle.  The forces of evil (yes, I’m thinking of some who currently govern our country) will have their day of glory and celebration, but in the end, the works of God will be victorious and all will find peace.  There is no doubt who will lose!!!

Thirdly, while I am confident that God will win, I am not completely privy to the process by which He will attain victory.  I suppose there could be some part of the Plan of Salvation that includes the election of some who are now in positions of power.  Or, it is possible that the current circumstances are a way of setting up the nation for an experience that will result in even more changes for the better.  I DON’T KNOW!!!  But I have faith that we are not abandoned.

Anyway, that was my response to my associate’s query of how this could be happening to the greatest nation in the world.  I will not despair nor will I cease to try for changes that I believe will improve our world.  We are children of God and He has not sent us here to fail.  My grandchildren deserve the best we can offer and that is not in their field of vision today.  With a little work, it will be again one day.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Depression or WHAT?

Here it is, the day after the election and I’m moderately depressed.  Not so much so that I need medication but enough that life has a hopelessness that pervades my interior regions.

Not sure which is me, but both seem sad.

I really thought Mitt Romney had a good chance to begin a change in the way our country is being led.  And, I guess he did have a chance but it wasn't as good as some of us had hoped.  It seems that a majority of our friends and neighbors want to have a government that is more involved in our personal lives that I would like. 
I think he would have made a good/great President.

When Clinton was elected for the second time I had a little more hope because he had signaled that he was willing to let go of some of the most egregious parts of his political plans so he could build a coalition with the other side to get things done.  But I have seen nothing in the workings of the current president (or his cohorts in the Senate -- you listening Harry) to indicate that he gives one iota of thought to what is good for the country or for the place he will have in history.
Our country is sort of like this plane -- headed for trouble.

My only hope is that the people of our nation will eventually recognize bad government and decide it is time to make changes.  Of course, maybe they have decided that a “freedom based” government is old fashioned and bad for their lives.  Then the decisions of the current electorate make a little more sense but my personal feeling of hopelessness increases. 

Samuel the Lamanite -- just before the chapters listed below.
If things continue on the current road, I believe we may see a recurrence of the experiences described in the Book of Mormon, 3 Nephi chapters 6-7.  And the one good thing about that might be the coming of the Lord (for the Second time)

Don’t worry, tomorrow I will be better and the sadness of this experience will dissipate.  Hope you have a better day and can see a bright future ahead.  

Monday, November 5, 2012


Only one more day until the election for this cycle is completed (unless people try to do tricky things to extend the time).  Maybe I’m becoming cynical towards these things but it sure seems like there has been an inordinate amount of “evil speaking” on the part of many candidates.  I think it makes the process seem less needful because of all the hatred going round – the adversary has really taken hold of a lot of hearts and turned a good thing into a bad one (read 2 Nephi 2).
Interesting Headwear for the ladies

One happy circumstance from the past few days was a busy day on Saturday. 

Bryce and Jenny doing their thing.
Teresa made a reservation with the Family Canning Center and invited all the families to come package some food for their storage shelves.  Bryce and Aubrey were introduced to the ‘hard’ work of canning and seemed to have a good time.  And our shelves should be a little more complete than they were before.

Immediately after we finished, Josh and I headed out for Strawberry Reservoir to do a little fishing.  I had been up two weeks before with my friend Jeff Hill and Josh really wanted to have a last outing before winter sets in. 

Turned out that we had a pretty good day and Josh won the prize for the best fish.  It was nice cutthroat, about 22-23”, and gave a good solid fight before he could get it in his float tube.  We both had pretty good success which engendered a pleasant ride home.  I do love catching (and releasing) those little fishes.
Big Cutthroat Trout and bigger smile

My littler effort - with no smile
Please remember to get out and vote so our country can still be free.  I hope you will consider more than party as you punch your ballot – look for someone who will make a difference in how our lives are going.  God Bless America.